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10th Anniversary Celebration

September 24, 2020  |  Digital

  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration featured a number of individuals who have played an integral role in Concordia’s growth over the past decade, reflecting on 10 years of cross-sector collaboration and sharing recollections and gratitude. 
  • The celebration also honored the three recipients of the 2020 Leadership Award. The Concordia Leadership Award seeks to recognize individuals who share a commitment to positive social and economic change, while promoting effective public-private collaboration to create a more prosperous, equal, and sustainable future. Recipients of the award possess a commitment to catalyzing positive social and economic change, while promoting effective public-private collaboration to create a more prosperous and sustainable future. This year’s recipients are:
      • Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), on behalf of the nonprofit sector
          • Environmental pioneer, world-renowned nonprofit expert, and a key creator of cross-sector partnerships, Christiana Figueres will be recognized for her remarkable work to forge cross-sector partnerships between governments, corporations, activists, and NGOs to fight the climate crisis. Full announcement here.
      • António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, on behalf of the public sector
          • UN Secretary-General António Guterres has brought about irreplaceable multilateral cooperation on a range of highly-pressing global challenges, led successful efforts to transform the European economy, and induced fellow leaders to commit to refugee protection. Full announcement here.
      • Doug McMillon, President & CEO of Walmart, on behalf of the private sector
          • A figure at the forefront of leading private sector efforts to enhance social impact, Doug McMillon has launched an unprecedented climate change program, and continuously advocates for racial equity in finance, healthcare, education and workforce, and criminal justice as Chairman of the Business Roundtable. Full announcement here.
    • The 10th Anniversary Celebration helped launch the Concordia Action Alliance and its associated Concordia Action Fund, which represent the next step in Concordia’s commitment to brokering and strengthening early-stage partnerships. The Concordia Action Alliance is designed to support the year-round coordination of activities and the formation of partnerships that support disaster or global health response, recovery, resiliency, and prevention. Building on past programming in the disaster response space, it represents an effort to build relationships, continue and deepen conversations, and support early-stage collaboration. The Concordia Action Fund is designed to provide catalytic grant capital to intra-alliance partners who develop an idea for collaboration in disaster response. The grant will help cover early-stage costs like feasibility studies, pilot projects, or operational support that helps that partnership unlock additional funding through philanthropic, corporate, or government grants. The 10th Anniversary Celebration helped raise $50,000 for the Fund.  

“I welcome the efforts of Concordia to bring businesses, nonprofits, foundations, local authorities, and others together to forge sustainable inclusive solutions and innovation,” António Guterres


Leadership Award Recipients

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If we are to achieve a robust recovery from COVID-19, we need bold, innovative collaboration that leaves behind no one. Enter the Concordia Action Alliance, a brand new initiative that will support partnerships addressing pandemic and natural disaster preparedness and response. The Alliance serves as a unique space for the ongoing alignment of resources, open sharing of challenges, and collective action.

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Host Committee

Beau Allen

Dr. William Antholis

Cherie Blair, CBE, QC

Ana Blanco

Dr. Ian Bremmer

Amb. Paula Dobriansky, Ph.D.

John Jovanovic

Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Andrew Liveris

Nicholas Logothetis

David Magid

Anita McBride

Amb. John D. Negroponte

Michael Nyenhuis

Dr. Eduardo Padrón

Gen. (Ret.) David H. Petraeus

Esteban Saldarriaga

Regina Sheridan

Matthew Swift


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