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The Internship Program plays an integral role in the success of Concordia. Our interns work in every department—Strategic Engagement, Communications, Programming, Partnership Development, and Executive Office. Want to learn more? Past intern testimonies and an application form can be found below.


Daniel garcia

Pomona College
Strategic Engagement Intern

“Working at Concordia was one of the more trying, but most irreplaceable professional experiences I could’ve asked for. There was a lot of work to be done, but I’ve gained special insight into cross-sectoral partnership development and social impact work that has been invaluable.”

Tatiana lieberman

Cornell University
Partnership Development Intern

“I did not know a lot about working in a non-profit start-up environment coming into this, and I feel that each day I learn something new. So far, I’ve learned how to work at a fast pace and how to meet deadlines, but Concordia has also taught me how to interact with people at a higher status level and be respectful no matter what the situation is. We’re a small team that has a lot of impact.”

Matthew Peirce

Pepperdine University
Programming Intern

“Seeking a summer of social impact and fostering cross-sector partnerships, Concordia offered an opportunity to grow professionally in numerous ways. Throughout the summer of 2019 and at the Annual Summit in September, I was able to assist throughout the office and the Programming Team in particular. Tackling global challenges with international nonprofit institutions through the Programming Team allowed me to better understand how private-public partnerships can best suit those on the ground.”

minty pham

Brown University
Communications Intern

“Dynamic, fast-paced, and jam-packed with meaningful learning experiences, my internship at Concordia has helped me grow in so many ways. I’m grateful to Concordia for pushing me to be a more effective communicator and a more rigorous strategic thinker, and I remain deeply inspired by the wholeheartedness and enthusiasm of everyone I worked with.”

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