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The Internship Program plays an integral role in the success of Concordia. Our interns work in every department—Partnerships, Communications, Programming, and Executive Office. Want to learn more? Past intern testimonies and an application form can be found below.

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Sara Walker

The Honors College at Arizona State University
Communications Intern

“The best thing about Concordia is its people. The team is small but deeply dedicated and highly impactful, and from day one I was valued, handed real responsibility, and given continuous opportunities to expand and strengthen my skillset.”

ashfah alam

Columbia University
Programming Intern

“My internship at Concordia allowed me to gain a greater understanding of current global challenges, as well as the important role of cross-sector collaboration in advancing global impact. I was challenged to improve research and analytical skills, collaborate with other interns, and make meaningful contributions in planning Concordia’s programs and summits. I am grateful for the exposure that Concordia has given me to various different kinds of social impact work, and appreciative for the opportunity to work alongside enthusiastic, dedicated, and ambitious team members.” 


University of Virginia
Programming Intern

“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my internship with Concordia – from the people to the work itself. The internship afforded me opportunities to engage first-hand with private and public sector leaders in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, which enhanced my ability to critically analyze the world’s most pressing issues through a broad, cross-sector lens. At the same time, the greatest part about Concordia is the people. Concordia is an extraordinary group of individuals who consistently maintain an atmosphere filled with strong enthusiasm for the work they pursue and a genuine will to help each other succeed.”

María de los Ángeles Ortega

University of Navarra
Executive Office Intern

“From my first day at Concordia, I was trusted to take responsibility and initiative, and felt inspired by the culture, its incredibly talented team and all of its partners. It was an experience that allowed me to analyze current events with a global lens, develop important professional skills like communication and data management, and, more importantly, learn how leaders transform big ideas into valuable insights and action.”

Badi Kawambwa

St. Lawrence University
Communications Intern

“My internship at Concordia has introduced me to new ways of conceptualizing the best practices for positive social change and has shown me the true power of fostering meaningful discourse. I was trusted with substantive work responsibility that not only enabled me to gain necessary skills but also shaped my overall professional growth for the better. I appreciate having had the opportunity to contribute to Concordia’s work in a significant way and working alongside a team that made me feel welcomed and valued.”