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P3 Impact Award

The P3 Impact Award was created by Concordia, the University of Virginia Darden School Institute for Business in Society, and the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships to recognize and honor leading public-private partnerships (P3s) that improve communities and the world. Inaugurated in 2014, the P3 Impact Award is presented each fall at the Concordia Summit in New York, New York. The award seeks to highlight leading practices and actionable insights in the P3 arena. For this award, a P3 refers to any cross-sector collaboration that features public, private, nonprofit, or non-governmental organizations and addresses societal problems.

2019 P3 Impact Award Winner


Congratulations to the Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP), from Equatorial Guinea, for winning both the 2019 P3 Impact Award and the 2019 Audience Choice Award!

The BIMEP addresses malaria morbidity and mortality affecting the population living and working on Bioko Island and informs a broader malaria control strategy for the rest of the African continent. The partnership does this through a long-term public-private funding agreement that incorporates the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare with expert assistance from the nonprofit community (MCDI and IFAKARA), corporate partners (Marathon Oil, Noble Energy, Atlantic Methanol Production Company – AMPCO, Sonogas, and GEPetrol), and the biomedical (Sanaria) and academic (Swiss TPH) community.


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The P3 Impact Award team will appoint an independent panel of P3 experts to review and assess applications based on the award criteria. Judges will assess the applications based on the partnership’s operational structure, measurable social impact, financial effectiveness, innovation, and scalability.


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The P3 Impact Award winner will be recognized on the main stage of the Concordia Annual Summit, the largest gathering alongside the United Nations General Assembly. Additionally, winners will receive a scholarship to attend a week-long Executive Education course at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and the opportunity to be the subject of a case study published by Darden Business Publishing. All applicants will be considered for eligibility as participants, mentors, or speakers in the U.S. Department of State’s Boldline P3 Accelerator program. 


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To apply, click the link below and fill out the entire application. Once the application period closes, judges will score each submission based on criteria required on the application form. These are then combined to create an overall score for each entry and the highest scoring entries will determine the finalists.

P3 Impact Award Finalist Locations (2014 - 2019)