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Regional Initiatives

Concordia’s Regional Initiatives, focused on the United States, Americas, Africa, Europe, and Amazon region, foster communities of private sector, government, and nonprofit leaders to spark dialogue and enable effective partnerships for social impact. Understanding the role regional affairs play in international relations, these initiatives examine the most pressing challenges in a specific area and identify opportunities for meaningful collaboration.

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The Concordia Americas Initiative was launched in May 2016, with the inaugural 2016 Concordia Americas Summit in Miami, Florida serving as one of the first international platforms to raise awareness about the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. Since then, Concordia has brought together world-renowned political leaders, business innovators, and global non-governmental representatives in Bogotá, Colombia to host its flagship regional convening, exploring critical issues facing the Western Hemisphere, with a particular focus on Latin America, through the lens of cross-sector collaboration.

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Officially launched at the 2018 Annual Summit, Concordia Africa is an African-led program that fosters a community of cross-sector leaders to share strategies and priorities for economic growth and lasting prosperity on the African continent. Shaped and driven by local stakeholders, the initiative strives to build sustainable and scalable alliances among the government, private sector, and civil society, in line with Concordia’s broader mission.

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With the inaugural Concordia Europe Summit taking place in Athens, Greece in 2017, the Concordia Europe Initiative provides an international platform through which to elevate action-oriented dialogue around the outlook for Europe as a whole, while also exploring the critical relationship between the European Union and the international community.


The Indo-Pacific region represents 60% of the global population and a powerful economic corridor, holding unique perspectives in its positioning among major global powers and developing tailored approaches to regional challenges across geographies and cultures. The Concordia Indo-Pacific Initiative will feature a set of conversations designed to engage new networks and build credibility in the region, starting with programming at the 2021 Concordia Annual Summit and a digital summit parallel to the November 2021 APEC meeting, with the goal of holding an in-person Regional Summit in 2022.