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Concordia is one of the world’s leading global convenors, bringing together its expansive membership community of institutions and individuals to address the most complex and challenging issues of our time.

Our membership community provides the foundation of all that we do. Spanning industries, geographies, and causes, this community represents a diverse and inclusive network of organizations and individuals committed to elevating and advancing positive social impact.

Membership allows individuals and organizations the ability to convene at Concordia’s year-round events, connect within our diverse global network, and create partnerships that advance individual and organizational objectives.

Organizational Membership

Founded in 2011, Concordia was launched with the support of the Libra Group. Created in 2016, our membership program is designed to engage the institutions involved in our summits with more purpose. Today, our organizational membership community is composed of over 100 corporations, NGOs, and governmental agencies. It spans industries including agriculture, healthcare, and technology, nonprofits advocating for refugees, education, and racial justice, and governmental agencies across the globe. Through our member events and Concordia Connect, we provide a critical link between leaders who are committed to fostering cross-sector collaboration.


“I come from a country afflicted with many problems, a country with many people daunted by facing those problems. But Concordia is made up of people willing to jump over those large challenges with thoughtful, effective solutions. In Concordia, I have found a community of optimists with whom I can instigate positive social change in this world.”

Toyin Saraki, Founder-President of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa & Concordia Leadership Council Member