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Partnership Development

Concordia Partnerships spark ideas, incubate initiatives, and achieve impact. 

Concordia Partnerships involve two or more entities—oftentimes hailing from different sectors—coming together around a shared challenge. Radically inclusive in nature, our partnerships drive understanding forward through collaborative dialogue expertly designed to spur activity, and launch initiatives that achieve social impact. These initiatives are rooted in the foundational best practices of partnerships to scale.


Concordia Partnerships advance through the catalyst of convening, access to key stakeholders, and the expert guidance of partnering experts along each step of the partnership. Learn more about how our partnering experts work with Concordia Members to grow their work around the world, or complete this survey to get started!

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Concordia Action Alliance

Called to action by the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical role of partnerships in ensuring an equitable, swift, and coordinated international response, Concordia has launched a dedicated programming and member engagement track to support partnerships addressing natural disaster and pandemic preparedness, response, recovery, and resiliency on a year-round basis.

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p3 Impact award

Concordia, the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships, and the Darden School’s Institute for Business in Society present the P3 Impact Award each year at the Concordia Annual Summit to recognize and honor leading public-private partnerships that improve communities and the world. Through the Award, Concordia and its partners uncover best practices with the aim of providing governments, businesses, and nonprofits with the knowledge and tools necessary to engage effectively in innovative partnerships for social impact.

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Day of engagement

In an effort to meaningfully connect our Members, partners, and other key stakeholders to the issues discussed at Summit convenings, we have introduced Concordia Day of Engagement. The activity-oriented format offers participants an engaging platform to network and visualize their individual role in achieving social impact.

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