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Funlola Otukoya

Funlola Otukoya is currently an Investor Lead at CDP, an organization focused on ESG integration into the financial markets as it relates to climate change, water scarcity, and soft-commodity deforestation. In that role, he works with endowments, private foundations, and impact investors, among others on encouraging S&P 500 disclosure on environmental matters and using that data for business decisions. He also works on sustainable infrastructure financing for states and cities. 
Funlola’s background involves working in Derivatives at Morgan Stanley and Investment Banking at Citi where he worked in the Power & Utilities/Alternative Energy verticals. 
Additionally, outside of work, Funlola sits on the Advisory Board for Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, a NationSwell Council member, and Co-chair and founder of the Debra Saunders-White Foundation in Durham, North Carolina. He was recognized as an Emerging Leader at the Atlantic Dialogues in Marrakech and has been selected as an Emerging Leader recipient from the Yale School of Management. 
Funlola graduated from Cornell University, where he studied Development Sociology & Applied Economics & Management.