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Manley2 220x220 - Lisa Manley

Lisa Manley

Vice President, Sustainability, Mars Inc.

Bio Current as of September 17, 2020

Lisa Manley is Global Vice President of Sustainability at Mars. She oversees the Thriving People portfolio of initiatives, which includes respecting human rights, increasing incomes for smallholder farmers and unlocking opportunities for women.

Lisa joined Mars in 2017 to refine and help launch the Sustainable in a Generation Plan. Since its launch, she has focused on building momentum through distinct sustainability strategies, dynamic communications, strategic NGO partnerships, diverse stakeholder engagements and visible leadership.

Lisa has worked on sustainable business strategy, communications and stakeholder engagement for the past 20 years. She is recognized externally as a leader in sustainability, speaking regularly in stakeholder forums and publishing viewpoints on relevant issues.
She’s worked in-house at The Coca-Cola Company in the United States and Europe and served as a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies – always focused on integrating social and environmental sustainability into business strategy. In her career, Lisa has shaped globally recognized initiatives on climate action, water stewardship, sustainable packaging, diversity & inclusion, and unlocking opportunities for women.