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2023 Concordia Amazonas Summit

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july 26-30, 2023 (Already past)


Launched at the 2022 Concordia Annual Summit by Former Colombian President Iván Duque, the Concordia Amazon Initiative raises awareness of the link between the health of the Amazon and the health of the planet, defining the necessary commitments that must be made by the private sector to preserve the rainforest.

The Initiative’s first iteration consisted of a high-level strategic convening in the Amazon in 2023. This gathering brought together leaders from the private and public sectors in the form of a four day retreat to celebrate the natural diversity and importance of the Amazon and to forge partnerships around innovative and scalable ideas to protect and renew the ecosystem. 

Exploring themes such as indigenous culture, climate and environmental sustainability, research and scientific progress, and other critical topics linked to the Amazon, the Initiative provided an opportunity for attendees to connect with each other and the rainforest itself. With an action-oriented focus, participants established and built interventions that will play a pivotal role in any climate action policy framework.

Programming Themes

Cultural Diplomacy & Youth Advocacy

Conversations on Cultural Diplomacy & Youth Advocacy will focus on the critical role of indigenous communities in preserving the Amazon Rainforest, and the need to protect their human rights and support their social progress. Subtopics include: indigenous conservation methods; indigenous medical pathways, and scaling indigenous entrepreneurship.

Environmental Sustainability

Conversations on Environmental Sustainability will convene public and private sector experts to discuss the creation of innovative, scalable market-driven nature based solutions to catalyze and direct capital to benefit the Amazon region across communities while exploring ways to make it sustainable to preserve the environment. Subtopics include: reforestation; biodiversity; mobilizing climate finance, and the role of the energy industry.

Health Opportunities & Challenges

Conversations on Health Opportunities & Challenges will highlight the importance of the Amazon as a natural resource in disease treatment and prevention. Conversations will also focus on the intersection of scaling of innovative technologies and science, indigenous medicinal pathways, and market-driven nature based solutions in the Amazon Rainforest to overcome global health challenges.