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2023 Concordia Amazonas Summit

july 28-30, 2023


Launched at the 2022 Concordia Annual Summit by Former Colombian President Iván Duque, the Concordia Amazon Initiative aims to raise awareness of the link between the health of the Amazon and the health of the planet, defining the necessary commitments that must be made by the private sector to preserve the rainforest.

The Initiative’s first iteration will consist of a high-level strategic convening in the Amazon in 2023. This gathering will bring together leaders from the private and public sectors to celebrate the natural diversity and importance of the Amazon and to forge partnerships around innovative and scalable ideas to protect and renew the ecosystem. 

Exploring themes such as indigenous culture, climate and environmental sustainability, research and scientific progress, and other critical topics linked to the Amazon, the Initiative will provide an opportunity for attendees to directly connect with each other and the rainforest itself. With its action-oriented focus, participants will establish and build interventions that will play a pivotal role in any climate action policy framework.

To learn more about how to attend, email membership@concordia.net.

Programming Themes

Environmental Sustainability

Across the globe, investors and companies are waking up to the real physical and regulatory risks—and potential opportunities—posed by a warming climate. Accelerating this shift is the pandemic. With many of the root causes of climate change increasing the risk of pandemics, the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused individuals to become acutely aware of the intricate relationship between pandemics and planetary health, amplifying the importance of environmental sustainability in guaranteeing a healthy future. While widely acknowledged that those organizations that employ sustainable practices will be the most profitable in the long run, implementation is another story. Widespread adoption will require trust in our institutions to provide the framework within which we will adapt, and to continue to innovate across all sectors in order to mitigate the environmental impacts already in motion, while at the same time ensuring that environment-related inequalities pertaining to race, gender, and socioeconomic status are addressed. What common misconceptions exist? And what challenges must be overcome to gain support?

Cultural Diplomacy & Youth Advocacy

Stable, prosperous, and resilient communities are built through engaged and connected citizens who have confidence in their power to actively participate in shaping their social, economic, and political future. In this digital era, access to education is key to ensuring young citizens, especially disempowered young women, are included and engaged in civic society, local and national economies, and global development strategies. Furthermore, cultural diplomacy is essential to bringing people together as well as sustaining and improving relations across different cultures. How can governments, NGOs, and businesses engage with a diverse set of youth leaders to develop solutions and promote sustainable impact?

Health Opportunities & Challenges

The pandemic has exposed weaknesses in public institutions and health systems around the world and deep health disparities along divides of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender. Both the palpable strain on physical health systems and structures and the more subtle effects on social relations and mental health must be considered in measuring the health impact of this time. Research on past epidemics reveals a wide range of psychosocial consequences at the individual and population level but also emphasizes the importance of psychological resilience in recovery. As we think about how to foster an equitable pandemic recovery, how do we design our public health systems, incentivize preparedness and prevention, and create partnerships in the service of a healthier, more resilient society? And, how do we protect the integrity of our institutions against actors with the ability to weaponize fear and anxiety, for a prepared future we can be confident in?