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2023 Concordia Amazonas Summit Solutions Report

An opening note

The Amazon contains 1.4 billion acres of forest, comprising half of the world’s remaining rainforests. It is the lung of our planet, giving us life-sustaining oxygen and fresh water, without which life on Earth would be unsustainable. Yet, in spite of the Amazon’s inarguable importance to life, it is a remarkably fragile ecosystem, impacted by a variety of threats, including deforestation and climate change. We are approaching a tipping point, past which the damage to this life-giving resource will become irreversible. 

The inaugural Concordia Amazonas Summit immersed participants deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We explored ways in which we can protect the biodiversity of the region, encourage indigenous entrepreneurism, mobilize climate finance, create a credible and replicable carbon market, and forge partnerships around innovative and scalable ideas to protect and renew the irreplaceable ecosystem. 

Thank you to our participants for contributing their ideas and insights, bringing their passions, and making lasting connections. And thank you for reading this report, which details key summary and action points related to our three core themes: environmental sustainability, health opportunities & challenges, and cultural diplomacy & youth advocacy.  

This is just the beginning for Concordia Amazonas. We look forward to continuing these critical conversations next year. 

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