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The Businesses for Refugees Pledge: How U.S. Businesses Can Advocate for Refugees | Community Discussion

Community Partner: Teach for All

Rutuja Bhoite, Student, Lake Forest College
Luis David Arias Castaño, Teacher, Alianza Educativa
Steven Farr, Director, Global Learning Lab, Teach For All
Nene Ibezim, Founder, Leading Kids Program
Vivek Kaushik, CEO, Claylab Education Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for academic institutions. While many have been able to successfully make the switch to a digital learning environment, countless still struggle. This panel brought together teachers, students, and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss how academic systems need to adapt to support the ever-changing environment. This begins an approach that ensures students are empowered in and outside of the classroom. One way this can be accomplished is by incorporating technology into the curriculum in informative and enjoyable ways.