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Nene Ibezim 220x220 - Nene Ibezim

Nene Ibezim

Founder, Leading Kids Program

Bio Current as of September 10, 2021

Nene Ibezim has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Education in English from the University of Lagos in Nigeria. She is the founder of Leading Kids Program, a leadership development training program specifically designed to empower children in underserved public primary schools to achieve their full leadership potential. Previously, Nene worked as a Program Coordinator at Slum2School Africa, a volunteer-driven development organization where she developed learning programs that include multiple modalities; self-paced e-learning, virtual and in-person learning engagements. Her drive and passion for education propels her to participate in several advocacy programs for every child’s access to quality education. In 2018, she joined Teach for Nigeria as a fellow where she taught primary school learners in a low-income community. She is also a 2019 Teach For All Global Girls’ Education alumna. Nene spends her time volunteering to empower underserved children in slums and remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psychosocial support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers. Nene enjoys reading and believes that we all can make a difference in the world if we all choose to get involved.