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The Power of a Smile


Programming Partner: Smile Train



  • Looking at COVID-19 and its impact on the growth of Smile Train, an international nonprofit, Susannah Schaefer explained that cleft, lip, and palate are more than just cosmetic issues, and can result in medical implications as well as social stigma. Having put nearly 37,000 surgeries on hold in the wake of COVID-19, Smile Train is seeking to empower local medical officials and adapt to the constantly-changing outlook by assisting with nutrition and speech therapy. Smile Train has also invested $1 million in PPE distribution, in order to protect people against COVID-19.
  • Smile Train uses the strength of local communities in order to best assist those in need. Kenyan Drake discussed the comprehensive level of care provided by Smile Train in order to best assist those who are undergoing these procedures. 
  • Reflecting on the importance of giving back as an athlete, Drake explained that children are our future. Drake seeks to provide inspiration and encouragement to those who need it most, and is proud to do it with Smile Train.

“I love to be part of the innocence of the world,” Kenyan Drake

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Partnerships must be ignited between corporations and nonprofits, as together people can help bring visions to life.


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