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Blockchain Central

The home of blockchain during UNGA

Concordia and the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) will partner together to bring Blockchain Central, the GBBC’s signature event series, to the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit in New York City on September 24 & 25, 2018 during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). GBBC seeks to support the adoption of the Blockchain technology ecosystem by encouraging the collaboration of regulators, business leaders and leaders from 35 countries.

Operating as a Summit within the larger Concordia Annual Summit, Blockchain Central will be the premier venue during UNGA for all things blockchain, including blockchain specific programming and a Blockchain Central lounge for networking and demonstrations throughout the conference. Blockchain Central will be seen by thousands of attendees to the Concordia Annual Summit, a convening of the world’s most prominent government, business, and non-profit leaders. Small roundtables, strategic dialogues, and high-level plenary sessions will allow for a range of discussions by the leading voices in this groundbreaking field and create unmatched opportunities for innovators to collaborate with policymakers and business leaders. Blockchain Central will allow partners to engage at the highest levels and explore how Blockchain technology can facilitate more stable and efficient solutions for challenges and opportunities facing companies, institutions, and society worldwide.

Blockchain Central attendees also get access to the Plenary Stage of the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit.

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Spurring growth and innovation from the U.K. to Singapore: Sandboxes, Greenhouses and everything in-between

Against the backdrop of a nascent technology and regulatory uncertainty, how can jurisdictions continue to encourage new growth and innovation while maintaining adequate consumer protections? Regulatory safe zones – places that financial technology solutions can be safely seeded, fed, and controlled may be one answer. We’ll explore these and other options and whether we should model these off a sandbox, a greenhouse or something else entirely.


Without Borders, Who Rules? Arbitration and Legal Recourse in a Decentralized World

The borderless nature of blockchain technology has posed unique challenges in a world where regulation is dependent of borders. Governments and legal experts are grappling with changes to existing regulatory frameworks and developing new parameters to ensure consumer protections exist for blockchain based solutions. Join blockchain advocates and legal minds as they discuss the status quo of blockchain regulation and the future of the legal landscape surrounding the technology.


Blockchain Goes Bigtime: Enterprise Solutions for the Fortune 500

The world’s largest firms are investing in blockchain’s unparalleled potential to transform their business practices. From secure and efficient supply chain management to streamlined payments, corporate giants are at the forefront of blockchain implementation. Join leaders from across the Fortune 500 and the blockchain ecosystem to hear how blockchain is changing our corporate world.


Sanity Check: Lessons Learned from Leading Blockchain Consortia

Decentralization is at the core of blockchain’s promise – but it presents distinct challenges, especially when it comes to building a global ecosystem. Listen to some of the leading industry consortia – and how they are working to rationalize the disparate activity, regulation and tech in this space.


Blockchain Solutions for Smart Cities

The massive urbanization taking place across the globe provides a wealth of opportunity for the world’s nearly three billion poor. As urbanization changes the very nature of life in the world’s cities, many forward-thinking leaders are seeking tech-based solutions to challenges faced by urbanites. And as blockchain based solutions are combined with AI and other emerging technologies, the opportunities for smarter cities increase dramatically. Hear city leaders and blockchain advocates as they discuss how blockchain fits into the way that tech is revolutionizing urban administration around the globe.


GovOS – Building a New Operating System for Government

To paraphrase Madeleine Albright, many governments are relying on institutions designed in the 18th and 19th centuries and technology from the 20th century to solve the challenges of the 21st century.  It’s time for an upgrade.  The GovOS initiative has the potential to revolutionize how governments – from cities to countries – do business and interact with their citizens.  GovOS will provide a framework for modular, interoperable solutions that harness frontier technologies including blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a new government operating system that addresses key government functions.  This roundtable will bring together leading thinkers and practitioners to shape the evolution of the GovOS.


Democratizing Finance through Blockchain

The global push for financial inclusion as a driver of growth and upward mobility starts with blockchain. At its core, the open-source technology seeks to reduce the role of intermediaries and allow individuals to manage their assets cheaply, securely, and efficiently. Hear from advocates of financial inclusion, blockchain promoters, and industry leaders as they discuss how blockchain empowers individuals around the world to manage their own finances.


The Future of Work in the Era of Blockchain


The proliferation of blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally transform how workers interact with the economy. The peer-to-peer network capabilities of the technology will provide opportunity for workers and provoke new solutions from business and policymakers. Join corporate leaders, blockchain entrepreneurs, and academics as they examine blockchain’s role in the future of work.


Identity and Data Privacy in a Digital Era: Can Blockchain Help?

The distributed ledger technology at the heart of blockchain represents a hugely significant advance in information security and privacy. Information moved on open blockchains is distributed on nodes across a wide network, preventing internal and external fraud. Blockchain technology could emerge as a new way to protect personal online data. Join tech leaders and policymakers as they discuss how this technology will impact data protection and privacy moving forward.



While the technology is often referenced in the singular, in reality, blockchains take many forms. Join some of the preeminent voices and leading innovators in the space as they discuss the future of interoperability and the benefits of various types of blockchains.


SDGs + Blockchain – How can cryptocurrencies help achieve the SDGs? –4:50pm –5:35pm

The accessible nature of blockchain allows those working to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to devise solutions that expand opportunity for individuals around the globe to succeed. Cryptocurrencies are already proving their worth in attaining SDGs as a transparent and inexpensive way to pay workers, send remittances and cross border payments, and fund socially-conscious startups. Join advocates, social entrepreneurs, and blockchain leaders to hear about the potential social good from the technology.

For partnership opportunities, please contact:

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