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The Main Stage of the 2019 Concordia Annual Summit hosted a moving keynote speech that recognized the prevalence and seriousness that mental health challenges pose around the world. Bringing this issue to the spotlight was a much-needed first step, and as the search for the ‘holy grail’ of success for leaders rages on, we must be aware of the importance of balance. Under the thesis that leaders are not born, but are created, a harmonious leader is the sum of crucial processes and inculcated traits. Jeff Bezos prefers the word ‘harmony’ to ‘balance’, and rightly so. When the word ‘balance’ is used, the implication is that a tradeoff would be involved.

Given Concordia’s focus on action at its 2020 Concordia Annual Summit, I am enthused to share the Wholly Living Research Institute, a legacy-initiative that I created stato help women leaders achieve harmony in their lives. Historically, women have struggled with power dynamics as they attempt to reclaim it in their personal and professional lives. Over time, women have come up against challenges in maintaining a fair share of power for themselves. To this end, the organization uncovers successful women leaders and other captains of the industry across all sectors to bring insight to this growing and ongoing conversation.

The Wholly Living Research Institute is committed to pinpointing the latest traits, trends, and processes that represent a harmonious women leader. It aspires to find the answers to these pressing questions with the heartfelt intention to disseminate this information to upcoming women leaders. The parent company, Wholly Living & Co. sole focus is to empower women leaders to live a harmonious lives through its research and wellness efforts. Each year, the Institute will prepare a study to be published through partners and major institutions to showcase its breakthrough discoveries towards a harmonious lifestyle for leaders.

Our research has discovered 7 game-changing pillars of harmonious living that are the hallmarks of a harmonious leader. These traits are what takes a leader from ‘affected’ to ‘effective’. The 7 pillars work hand-in-hand to shape a flow that empowers women leaders to rise to the state of ‘self-actualization’ and push the envelope.


  • God & Soul: Evolution & Source
  • Spirituality & Metaphysics: Evaluation, Exploration & Healing Tools
  • Health & Wellness: Mind, Emotion, Exercise & Nutrition
  • Relationships: Community, Family, Friends & Self
  • Business: Career, Legacy & Wealth
  • Intellectualism: Lessons & Thought Processes
  • Creativity & Play: Passion & Purpose


In addition, the wellness division Wholly Exclusive is set to launch, in 2022, the ‘Revive to Thrive’ program, a wellness retreat for women leaders that allows them to revive their health while maximizing their wealth and to move from surviving to thriving . This initiative benefits from my strength as a storyteller and from my award-winning entrepreneurship history—experiences that have allowed me to initiate founding this groundbreaking reasearch and wellness company.

At the Wholly Living Research Institute, we are aiming to help upcoming and present women leaders establish harmony in their lives, as well as insights into how to build a sustainable, resourceful, and socially-impactful business, while sharing tips on mindset, health, and lifestyle habits that will help them become more effective leaders in their daily living. It is our belief that we can achieve this without having to sacrifice our well-being and at the same time lay the foundation for harmony.

As Concordia wraps up a successful shift to their global digital conference and continues to convene leaders across sectors, I look forward to seeing emotional & mental wellness remain a topic of discussion at all levels of the organizations represented.