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Regina Hubard Sheridan, Executive Director of Concordia, will leave the organization she has led for four years to transition to the Libra Group as their new Head of Education.

“We are very grateful for the leadership and direction that Regina has provided to Concordia over the past four years. Her passion for cross-sector partnerships and radical inclusivity has helped shape Concordia into the organization that it is today” said Matthew Swift & Nicholas Logothetis, Co-Founders, of Concordia.

Starting as a volunteer, then an intern, Sheridan went on to become Concordia’s first executive director in 2013. Since then, Concordia has introduced 10 Programming Pipelines, each representing a topical global challenge or social impact opportunity, expanded to host regional and international summits, the Americas Summit in Miami and Bogotá, and the Europe Summit in Athens, and launched two Campaigns for Social Impact, the Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply and the Campaign against Labor Trafficking.