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P3 Impact Award Criteria & Process



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Please note that the project should demonstrate some, but not necessarily all of the following characteristics:

  • Strength of the cross-sector partnership
  • Measurable results
  • Economic and/or social benefits
  • Improved service delivery
  • Innovative features
  • Financial effectiveness
  • Scalability/replicability

Partnerships may be contacted to provide additional information and participate in brief interviews, if necessary.



Cross-sector partnerships between the following entities are eligible to apply for the award:

  • Public entity and private entity
  • Public entity and nonprofit entity
  • Private entity and nonprofit entity
  • Public entity, private entity, and nonprofit entity

Any partner can submit the application or a third party can nominate a partnership for the award. However, a representative of each partner entity must sign the application form. If there are any questions regarding award criteria and eligibility, contact the award team: Impact@darden.virginia.edu



The judging process is divided into three stages: 

Stage 1

  • All submissions are assessed to ensure they meet basic criteria and eligibility. 


Stage 2 

  • A panel of judges score each submission based on criteria required on the application form. Each submission is evaluated by multiple judges. All judges’ scores are totaled and the highest scores will determine five finalists in July 2020. 


Stage 3

  • Finalists attend the 2020 Concordia Annual Summit, September 20-22, 2020, in New York City to present their partnerships to the judges and a live audience. After asking any additional questions of the finalists, the judges will deliberate and provide another score. These scores are weighted with the scores from Stage 2 to determine the winner of the P3 Impact Award. 


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APPLICATION Deadline is april 6, 2020. 


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