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Let’s take a moment to talk about why conversations matter. I co-founded Concordia believing in genuine conversation, the power of partnership and collaboration for impact.  I love to learn and listen to others that I may agree or disagree with. Amicable conversation needs to be the norm, not the exception and as a society we’ve been headed in the wrong direction for too long.

The better part of this year has been a harsh reality as the world has faced so many challenges. That should provide us with an imperative to return to healthy, honest and action-oriented discussions. Do you disagree with me? That’s ok because I can talk to people who disagree with me. Is your source accurate and your information backed up by facts? Excellent, because that is required for any conversation worth having. If you feel strongly about something, will you be inspired to action? Good – because that’s how things get better. 

In recent times, haven’t we all sat at some dinner table where only absolutes have been applied to some of the most complex situations we’ve ever faced as a global community? I often find myself having to defend certain things simply because of others’ intolerance to any healthy debate or discussion. Here is the deal. If we meet intolerance with intolerance, nothing will work.

Over the course of this week, the 10th Concordia Annual Summit is a series of conversations that represent a remarkable array of backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and experiences. Concordia does not shy from the controversial or sensitive. Rather, we tackle those issues straight on.

If you want to learn, hear from others, and debate these complex and challenging issues that we face, then get ready for the next five days. This year’s Concordia program is the single best agenda that we’ve put forward.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of Concordia. Looking forward to “seeing” you all digitally this week for conversations that matter. 

Matthew A. Swift

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