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Concordia is proud to partner with The Global Citizen Forum around the upcoming 2020 Annual Summit.

The Global Citizen Forum is a social action platform built on a community of leaders committed to improving the state of global citizenship for the generations to come. The GCF community is bound by the shared belief that citizenship stands for freedom, representation and equality, but also for responsibility, sustainability and impact.

The Forum runs a series of events, workshops, experiences and trainings with a strong focus on challenges and solutions within five adaptive pillars— governance, technology, mobility, sustainability and culture. Each pillar is seen as a fundamental building block of global citizenship and is used as a channel for dialogue to meet action for traceable, transparent and measurable impact.

During the 2020 Annual Summit, The Global Citizen Forum will share their expertise and insights around global citizenship and economic resilience in developing countries. Under this partnership, Concordia and The Global Citizen Forum will work to encourage public-private cooperation for economic resilience, community development, and equitable access to capital.

To learn more about The Global Citizen Forum, click here.