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The world is rapidly becoming more and more interconnected. Despite unprecedented political environments in many places across the globe, the potential for transformation is unparalleled. Technology and automation are redefining what it means to work, entrepreneurs are driving economic growth from the ground up, and innovation across sectors and industries is charting a new path forward for all. But capitalizing on this opportunity set is at the forefront of many of our minds. 

At Concordia, we create new ways to connect. At the core of our approach lies a belief that cross-sector partnerships can create innovative solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. And, by establishing a nonpartisan platform centered around inclusivity, we recognize the value in elevating voices from all perspectives, backgrounds, and geographies, and feel that no one is too young, or too inexperienced, to make an impact. 

Over 2018, Colombia remained key to the development of our Americas Initiative. At the beginning of the year, we led a series of roundtable discussions examining the issues to be faced by the incoming Colombian government. These laid the foundations for us to host the official RCN/NTN24 Presidential Debate, which was followed by an analysis panel of nationally- and internationally-recognized experts. In July, we returned to Bogotá to hold our 2018 Americas Summit, serving as the first major international convening following the country’s presidential elections.

Meanwhile, our 2018 Annual Summit marked a defining moment for our organization, as our most ambitious, diverse, and successful convening to date. Serving as the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan gathering alongside the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, the goal of our eighth annual convening was multifold: to forge impactful cross-sector partnerships, to drive international cooperation, and to effect on-the-ground change. 

As we approach Concordia’s ten-year anniversary next year, we are building out our regional initiatives in both Europe and Africa, alongside our ongoing work in Latin America. At our core remains an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and a deep focus on the power of collaboration. 

Our gratitude goes out to the Concordia Community—our Members, Sponsors, Partners, Advisors, Speakers, Board Members, and our distinguished Leadership Council. We thank you for your support, dedication, and guidance.


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