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This Palladium-Concordia co-hosted roundtable will serve as a scene setter for the upcoming Palladium Positive Impact Summit taking place the following week in London, England. Palladium’s annual forum will explore a ground-breaking roadmap to make transformational change possible by building a new ecosystem. But why is this necessary? Public-private partnerships have often failed to create sufficient value to convince the private sector of their business case, which has prevented scale sufficient to address the levels of economic and social disparity around the world. This GPW roundtable will serve as a primer to the Positive Impact Summit discussion by identifying flaws and failures in current partnership models. The outcomes of this conversation will directly feed into the Positive Impact Summit to advance action-oriented responses.

This session is designed for partnership practitioners representing the private sector, the U.S. Government, donor institutions, and project implementation bodies. It is by invitation-only. To express interest, please contact Hanne Dalmut at hdalmut@concordia.net with subject line “Fixing the Partnership Ecosystem”.


1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 600 Washington, DC 2004 USA