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AS PART OF The 2018 Concordia Americas Initiative

In Latin America, Colombia has been lauded for its democratic tradition and the integrity of its institutions, even in the context of various realms of violent conflict. Despite the strength of these institutions, the following constitute challenges that must be properly addressed in order to continue enhancing the legitimacy of the Rule of Law and democratic principles by which Colombians abide:


  • The implementation of the Final Agreement to End the Armed Conflict
  • Territorial control and the guarantee of a monopolized use of force by legitimate authorities
  • The effective enforcement of policies that ensure the restraining of illicit crops, drug trafficking, and other criminal economies
  • The guarantee of investigations and prosecutions in cases of corruption
  • A better relationship between the national government and territorial entities, in order to promote more modern and innovative national and local governments (smart cities)
  • The execution of foreign policy consistent with democratic principles and values (paying special attention to the situation in Venezuela, where a humanitarian crisis has forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their country)


Identifying priority issues to be faced by the incoming government and posing alternatives to properly address these situations is crucial. Against this backdrop, this roundtable aims to foster conversations among sector leaders around critical issues such as the ones mentioned above.

This event is for Concordia Members only. To learn more, please contact membership@concordia.net.


Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia