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Tanya Stephens 220x220 - Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens

Senior Innovation Lead, Procter & Gamble

Bio Current as of September 23, 2018

Tanya is a Systems Innovation Manager with Procter & Gamble Inc. and works in their Global Business Services division. She explores new technologies and potential innovations that could address existing or emerging business need. She then designs the transformation required for the specific business and defines the integration models.

Born and raised in Montreal, Tanya graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering specializing in Hardware Systems Design. This has served her well in the age of rapid technological advancement. Tanya has excelled in the design and implementation of digital infrastructures. She has used her keen understanding of people, processes and technologies to create business models that make use of the newest digital advances. Working on major Fortune 100 businesses she travelled throughout North America and Latin America to implement various aspects of digital innovation and operations. She relocated to Asia to lead the implementation of a new digital platform for P&G’s Baby Care category in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Passionate about her community and the ability to infuse it with fervor for technology, Tanya worked alongside the City of Toronto, Toronto Tourism, and the National Society of Black Engineers, designing the marketing and promotional strategy for the “Engineering a Global Impact” convention in 2010. This event attracted 10, 000 participants which included global engineering students, multi-national recruiters, and world-renowned speakers- a first of it’s kind in Canada. She continues to engage with the community through organizing or hosting events, consulting, and giving technology-focused talks. She believes that anyone can thrive and be successful once equipped with the right tools, resources and environment. She infuses this thinking into everything she does, and applies it to every platform to help transform lives and businesses.