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Shonte Eldridge - Shonte Eldirdge

Shonte Eldirdge

Executive Government Advisor, Amazon Web Services

Bio Current as of June 17, 2021

Shonte Eldridge currently serves as an Executive Government Advisor with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this role she is responsible for engaging state and local government leaders to implement technical strategies that reduce cost, improve customer experience and transform the enterprise into a modern, inclusive, and innovative organization. Prior to joining AWS, Ms. Eldridge worked in the public sector for over 23 years and held various C-suite positions including the Deputy Chief of Operations for the City of Baltimore.

During her time in government she was known for using technology to solve some of the largest operational and social challenges her state and local governments faced, as well as changing the culture to more readily accept and try new technologies. Ms. Eldridge’s work in the industry has appeared in numerous national publications and she was named one of the 25 women to watch by the Baltimore Sun newspaper and magazine in 2020.