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IMG 5540 220x220 - Lynda Aphing Kouassi

Lynda Aphing Kouassi

Founder and Director, Kaizene

Bio Current as of September 18, 2022

LYNDA APHING-KOUASSI is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the University of Hull, qualified as a Learning Performance Institute (LPI World Bank) and has 16 years of solid experience in the banking and finance sector.

Lynda Aphing-Kouassi founded, in 2015, the international firm KAIZENE, specialised in capacity building, coaching for SMEs with the Kaizene Shared services accelerator offering centralised solutions to VSEs and SMEs, and the organisation of annual institutional conferences.

Passionate about continuous development, she shares her experience to contribute to the development of the African continent, through mentoring youth and women empowerment and teaches entrepreneurship in several universities in Abidjan.

Lynda sits on several boards as an independent consultant, is a member of the Concordia International Network in the US and the Institute of Directors in London and is also Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce and an ambassador for Africalink France in Abidjan.

Her actions have earned her recognition from Forbes and Financial Afrique magazines as a development actress and her story is written in the book “We will Lead Africa” by Sarah Owusu and at a university in Amsterdam.

A rigorous and audacious woman, she is a board member of the African Diaspora Network (ADNE) in Brussels, the Talents Within Organisation (a non-governmental organisation in Atlanta), the Institute of Directors in London (I.O.D), a certified Learning Performance Institute of the World Bank, Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Côte d’Ivoire. She is also an ambassador of the Africalink Côte d’Ivoire network.