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Bruce McIntyre 220x220 - Bruce McIntyre

Bruce McIntyre

President, saveArose Foundation

Bio Current as of March 16, 2022

Bruce McIntyre founded the saveArose Foundation after losing his soulmate Amber Rose Isaac to an unscheduled emergency C section that stemmed from medical negligence on April 21st 2020. Since then Bruce has become a fearless advocate for families & racial disparities within the medical system. His mission is to combat & dismantle systemic flaws within the medical system & redirect the course of birthing equity towards solutions that will create better birthing outcomes. He has provided necessities to young mothers in shelters & to families whom have suffered the same fate. Bruce is working on bringing the first midwifery led birthing center to the Bronx. He has also created a coalitions with birth workers & Government officials to craft legislations surrounding maternal, mental health & surviving families. He has taught racial bias classes to medical students throughout the country. Bruce has been featured on Documentaries “Aftershock” & “Everything’s Gonna Be All White” and many different media platforms, apps & has advocated for maternal health on an international scale. Bruce has become a pillar to the community for his groundbreaking work and innovative ideas to provide quality care to uplift people in the underserved communities.