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elsaie 220x220 - Amena El-Saie

Amena El-Saie

Founder & CEO, Helm Foundation

Bio Current as of septiembre 15, 2016

Amena El-Saie is the CEO of Helm Foundation in Egypt since it was founded (with Ramez Maher) in September 2014. Helm promotes the social inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Egypt; through building partnerships with different stakeholders to break down barriers towards the full participation of Egyptians with disabilities. In less than two years, Helm’s team has grown to include 20 employees and over 400 volunteers -whereas the team is fully inclusive.

Amena was certified by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency in «Barrier-free Environments» in Japan. She was also awarded the Total Start-Upper of the Year for her new startup «Wsul» in 2016; the social enterprise extends the impact towards disability matters in Egypt to provide services for corporates and professionals to ensure access for all.

Rise Egypt has selected Helm to be one of the top 5 social enterprises in Egypt; thus, making Amena and Ramez a part of an acceleration program during 2015-2016. Helm managed to exponentially grow, incorporating nearly 200 corporations and ensuring the accessibility of 300 locations across Cairo in 2015.

Amena also co-founded Helm AUC as a graduate community student club in the American University in Cairo in 2012, whereas she had graduated with honors; B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, B.A. in Visual Arts and a minor in Psychology.