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2023 Concordia United States Summit

November 7, 2023

Research Triangle, Raleigh – Cary, NC

Occurring at a pivotal moment in domestic affairs as the country looks towards the 2024 presidential election, the 2023 Concordia United States Summit will focus on delivering action-oriented solutions to advance national priorities in the key areas of Financial Inclusion, Human Rights & Social Progress, and Trade, Manufacturing & Supply Chains. Building on the 2022 Concordia United States Summit, the 2023 United States Summit will provide the necessary platform  for both multi-sector and bipartisan collaboration in order to effectively drive forward innovative solutions to  the most pressing issues facing the country.

Programming Themes

financial inclusion

As financial turmoil continues to spread throughout the U.S.—impacting the domestic economy and its financial institutions—worries of a crisis loom on the horizon. Job security and the future of business are increasingly becoming important issues to address, with the private sector playing an integral role in workforce development and the future of work. What will the future workforce of the nation look like? How will continued digital innovation impact the future of work?

Human Rights & Social Progress

Integral to truly sustainable global development is a need for fundamental human rights to be universally protected. Addressing rising socioeconomic inequality and the institutional trust deficit—while also protecting the fundamental rights of marginalized communities across America—is more important than ever. With challenges to immigration, modern education, and health equity, innovative solutions are necessary. How has the state of COVID-19 recovery in the nation, as well as the ongoing mental health crisis, affected these issues?

Trade, Manufacturing & Supply Chains

In light of current national affairs, it is critical to address supply chain vulnerabilities and export shortages, as well as the importance of technological innovation in revitalizing manufacturer capacity and maintaining international competitive advantage in the U.S. through the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. How do these challenges affect workforce development and economic growth? How will digital innovation and the rise of AI lead to innovative solutions and new challenges?