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2023 Concordia United States Summit

November 7, 2023 (Already past)

SAS Institute Executive Briefing Center

Cary, NC

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The 2023 Concordia United States Summit focused on delivering action-oriented solutions to advance national priorities in the key areas of Health Opportunities & Challenges, Trade, Manufacturing & Supply Chains, and Workforce Development & the Future of Work in a New Economy. Building on the 2022 Concordia United States Summit, the 2023 United States Summit provided the necessary platform  for both multi-sector and bipartisan collaboration in order to effectively drive forward innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing the country.

Programming Themes

Health Opportunities & Challenges

Workforce shortages across all layers of healthcare have greatly affected access to care, impacting the health of our nation. There is a mental health crisis and the maternal death rate is more than 10x higher than some other high-income countries, with year-on-year trends moving in the wrong direction. Recent state policies are already starting to shift the availability of healthcare—and healthcare providers—on a state-by-state level. Continued workforce development, combined with a significant increase in technological innovation, offer great opportunities to revitalize the nation’s healthcare systems, leading to a stronger, healthier nation. How can we quickly expand the healthcare workforce without compromising care? Can the rise of AI and other critical technologies transform modern medicine? How can healthcare organizations and policymakers collaborate to revitalize the nation’s healthcare systems and promote a healthier nation?

Sub-themes include:
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Maternal health
  • Trust in institutions
  • Health equity and accessibility

Trade, Manufacturing & Supply Chains

In light of current national affairs, it is critical to address supply chain vulnerabilities and export shortages. We must also examine the role of technological innovation in revitalizing manufacturer capacity and maintaining international competitive advantage in the U.S. through the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. For example, continued supply chain disruptions across the nation have led to decreased accessibility to crucial medicine and healthcare supplies. How do these challenges shift U.S. workforce needs and potentially enhance domestic economic growth? How will digital innovation and the rise of AI lead to innovative solutions and new challenges?

  • Sub-themes include: 
  • On-shoring 
  • AI
  • Data and innovative technology
  • Economic growth
  • Energy independence and alternative domestic energy strategies

Workforce Development & the Future of Work in a New Economy

In a rapidly-changing economy, job security, the future of business, and an evolving workforce are increasingly becoming important issues to businesses, policymakers, and employers. The gig economy, coupled with a legacy of COVID-era remote work policies, has fundamentally altered the workforce. The use of data and technology will become more and more integral to the reskilling and upskilling of the workforce. What emerging trends in workforce development and financial inclusion are likely to shape the future of work? What are some innovative approaches to upskilling and reskilling to support workforce career advancement in the face of new technology? How will continued digital innovation impact the future of work?

  • Sub-themes include:
      • Future of work
      • Gig and flex economy
  • Workforce and financial inclusion 
  • Return to work
  • Education and workforce alignment 
  • Community Colleges and Trade Schools
  • Connectivity: closing the digital divide to education and skills training 
  • Microfinance and small business development
  • Access to financial services 
  • Digital financial inclusion
  • Consumer protection

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