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Over the past couple years, Sebastián Piñera, former President of Chile, has been actively participating in Concordia’s programming. He attended the 2014 Concordia Summit to discuss economic opportunities in Latin America. Most recently, he played a crucial role in Concordia | The Americas as a conversation lead on a panel discussing the future of U.S.-Cuba relations and other pressing issues affecting the region.

Piñera served as President of Chile between 2010 and 2014. His administration strived to develop Chile into a society of real opportunities and values, where every Chilean had equal opportunities to achieve their dreams, take entrepreneurial risks, and innovate.

Aside from his political career, he also established numerous organizations for the public good. Most notably, he founded Avanza Chile  to contribute ideas to public policy and expand liberty and opportunities for the Chilean people. Through the organization’s objectives, President Piñera aims to create a more democratic, just, and pluralistic society in Chile.

President Piñera also has extensive experience in the private sector, having served in the leadership of various companies. His experience across sectors truly embodies Concordia’s dedication to fostering stronger collaboration between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  

It is Concordia’s distinct pleasure to welcome President Piñera to our Leadership Council and look forward to working with him to strengthen our approach to identifying new avenues for collaboration and building partnerships.

His extensive experience in Latin American politics, social initiatives, and business will greatly contribute to Concordia’s mission to build bridges across sectors for positive social impact. His full bio can be read here.