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On Sunday, Concordia’s Leadership Council Member Sebastián Piñera became President elect of the Republic of Chile, winning 54.6% of the votes. President Piñera became involved with Concordia in 2014, and attended the  Annual Summit speaking on the economic trends of the Latin America region. Piñera has been a strong supporter of our development as an organization ever since, and played a crucial role at our first Americas Summit in 2016, speaking extensively about the challenges facing the region and Venezuela.

Speaking to supporters on Sunday night, Piñera projected optimism and called for unity. “Chile needs agreements more than confrontations,” he said. “The paths of the future unite us.

During his first term as President of Chile in 2010, Piñera oversaw annual economic growth of about 5% a year in Chile. He currently plans to launch a four year economic spending plan worth over $14 Billion USD to boost the economy and reinvest in infrastructure around the country.

We would like to congratulate President elect Piñera and wish him the utmost luck in his forthcoming term.