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Carolyn Miles brings with her an understanding of both the private and public sectors, working first in entrepreneurial positions in New York and Hong Kong and then joining the nonprofit organization Save the Children, first as COO then rising to the position of CEO in 2011. 

Under her leadership at Save the Children, Miles extended the organization’s influence, reaching double the number of children through nutrition, health, and education programs, and increasing annual resources. Inspired to enter the nonprofit sector after witnessing the conditions of children in Southeast Asia, Miles main focus is helping the most marginalized and vulnerable children around the world, including girls and refugees

“Concordia plays an important role in harnessing the power of the public and private sectors to tackle some of the world’s most intractable challenges. I am honored to join the Leadership Council and look forward to working with such a remarkable group of leaders who are committed social impact,” said Miles.

Miles’ past participation at the 2016 Concordia Annual Summit and our inaugural Europe Summit in Athens showcases the valuable contributions she will make to our organization. Her efforts of integrating social values into business models and her personal dedication and passion for the issues at hand will be particularly relevant to programming aligned with Concordia’s Human Rights & Civil Liberties Programming Pipeline. This pipeline is one of Concordia’s 10 focus areas that seeks to ensure equal rights for minority and at-risk communities, as well as counter human trafficking and modern-day slavery.  

“We truly admire Ms. Miles’ dedication to sustainable solutions that combat global challenges like the refugee crisis, so we are pleased to welcome her to our growing Leadership Council,” remarked Concordia Co-Founders Matthew Swift and Nicholas Logothetis. “We look forward to working together to build meaningful partnerships that create lasting social impact.”