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Concordia is proud to announce that its Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Matthew Swift, has been selected to join the U.S. Department of State’s Advisory Committee on Public-Private Partnerships (SAP3). Matthew will serve on the Committee for a one-year term as a source of external expertise, knowledge, and insight into P3s.

“This is a huge honor for me and I’m very excited to see our government promoting P3s. I think this Committee has a great potential to have a significant impact on how we tackle pressing global issues in this country and around the world,” Matthew remarked.

The Committee, which will be comprised of up to 25 distinguished individuals across sectors, will provide advice and assistance in the formulation of U.S. policies, proposals, and strategies for developing global partnerships. In collaboration with the U.S. government and in consultation with foreign governments, and national and international private sector organizations and individuals, the Committee will address six main areas: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); media and entertainment; technology and innovation; infrastructure development; diaspora engagement; and access to capital. Matthew will also offer a fresh perspective on how the Department of State can engage with the private sector on foreign policy issues and use P3s to advance foreign policy objectives.

Matthew will attend the inaugural meeting of the SAP3 on September 8, 2016.