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Devoted to its mission of supporting private-public partnerships for social and economic impact, Concordia is excited to announce the addition of Mr. Jorge Fernando Quiroga, Former President of Bolivia to its Leadership Council. Mr. Quiroga strengthens the core of Concordia’s mission by combining his background and experience in both the public and private sectors, where he has been active for more than 35 years.

Mr. Quiroga’s private sector experience includes working as a Systems Engineer with IBM in Texas and as Vice President, Board Member, and Shareholder of a large private bank in La Paz.

In the public sector, Mr. Quiroga served in multiple positions for the Bolivian government as Minister of Finance, Vice-President, and President of Congress. Ultimately, he became the 76th President of Bolivia in 2001.

Currently Mr. Quiroga’s serves as Vice President of the Club de Madrid, board member of the Inter-American Dialogue and Results for Development-R4D in Washington D.C. He is also a member of the International Advisory Council of the China Economic Club.

Mr. Quiroga’s experience has allowed him to deepen his knowledge of specific issues such as international aid, constitutional reforms, and debt restructuring.

“It is a singular privilege to be part of an internationally recognized organization like Concordia that promotes public-private collaboration to advance in the world’s most pressing issues. I look forward to working with the Concordia team to help pursue their mission, as partnerships are essential to achieve social impact.” President Jorge Fernando Quiroga, Former President of Bolivia