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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Even two years after the pandemic started, remote work continues to change how millions of Americans earn their paychecks.

On the final day of the Concordia Lexington Summit, WKYT’s Kristen Kennedy moderated a panel about how remote working is here to stay.

Remote work gives flexibility to employees in their schedules, but also opportunities in other communities.

Nick Such, the co-founder of Lexington-based Awesome Inc., is among those turning remote working into a new routine.

“One of the two interesting things that two years of COVID brought to us is remote has always been an option for more experienced people,” said Such. “Once you spend a few years in the office, the team trusts you. We’ll trust you to work remotely and to get the job done. Entry-level remote is a very new thing, and I think a huge opportunity for Kentuckians.”

To become effective remote workers, Such says those entry-level employees need strong training.

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