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NEW YORKSept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (FCOLC) announces today their programming partnership with Concordia for the upcoming 2020 Concordia Annual Summit (September 21-25). A global platform for renowned changemakers to share their visions and calls to action, the Summit will feature a suite of highly interactive programming formats and a digital stage, reaching more attendees than ever before. This will make for Concordia’s biggest, boldest, and most impactful Summit yet, on its 10th anniversary.

As part of the partnership, Fabien Cousteau: aquanaut, conservationist and founder of the FCOLC, will be presenting on the main stage on Thursday, September 24th at 1:50 PM EDT. Cousteau will discuss the current state of the climate, the promise of the ocean, and PROTEUS™: his vision for the world’s most advanced underwater research station and habitat.

“I am honored to be speaking at Concordia this year, particularly on a digital platform. While this shift is due to COVID-19, the global connectivity the event is fostering is essential to making any significant advances in climate conservation and ocean exploration. We must collectively come together to better understand, discuss and navigate the most pressing issues of our time, particularly, climate change,” stated Cousteau.

This will mark Cousteau’s first livestreamed presentation on PROTEUS™ since his unveiling of the project in July 2020. PROTEUS™ will enable for experimentation with clean energies (solar, OTEC), food sustainability via aquafarming, and a more acute understanding of the ocean’s biodiversity and its connection with climate change. The first in a network is planned for the coast of Curaçao and it will provide unprecedented access to the ocean for the scientists and aquanauts onboard. Further, it will increase the human/ocean connection globally through its state-of-the-art production studio, facilitating globally livestreamed interviews and classroom lectures, as was done on Mission 31.

Fabien’s presentation will provide key insights into how public-private partnerships can support innovative social enterprises that can encourage environmentalism and ocean conservation. PROTEUS™ is being envisioned as the International Space Station of the sea, allowing for collaboration amongst the world’s leading researchers, academics, government agencies, and corporations to advance science to benefit the future of the planet. 

To learn more about PROTEUS™ and the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, visit: https://www.fabiencousteauolc.org/

FCOLC PRESS INQUIRIES: Hannah Nicehannah@dvmcpr.com  

CONCORDIA PRESS INQUIRIES: Rita Lockheart, media@concordia.net

SOURCE Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center

rt - Fabien Cousteau to speak on Climate Change, the Promise of the Ocean, and PROTEUS™ at 10th Concordia Annual Summit

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