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Concordia’s Director of Programming Donniell Silva on Debut of 10 New Programming Pipelines

Over the past six years, Concordia has become the preeminent global hub for public-private partnerships in addressing the world’s most pressing issues.  As such, we recognize the magnitude of the challenges facing global society, and we remain committed to delivering action-oriented programming that fosters tangible social impact.

As part of our continued effort to maximize impact in issue areas of particular importance, we are excited to unveil 10 new Programming Pipelines, each representing a topical global challenge or social impact opportunity. Going forward, these Pipelines will house various points of engagement that will bring our community together to share best practices, incubate ideas, identify research needs, and explore new opportunities for partnerships.

Spanning issues ranging from diplomacy and defense to resilient infrastructure and sustainable industry, our Pipelines aim to streamline programming content while facilitating collaboration among issue area experts, with the end goal of forming a public-private partnership as part of a Concordia Campaign. The 10 Pipelines are as follows:


  • Diplomacy & Defense
  • Economic Development & International Finance
  • Education, Entrepreneurship, & Workforce Development
  • Environmental Security & Natural Resource Management
  • Gender Parity & Inclusive Diversity
  • Good Governance & Democracy
  • Global Health & Emergency Response
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Resilient Infrastructure & Sustainable Industry
  • Shared Value & Social Impact


Concordia’s new Pipelines offer Members, Partners, Advisors, and our greater community a renewed opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, spark collaboration, and inspire collective action by way of specific, immersive, and action-oriented programming. To view the full list of Pipeline descriptions, or for more information on our work relating to each, visit our website at https://www.concordia.net/programming/.

We look forward to continuing to build on the momentum of our past efforts, and we welcome your involvement in these refined areas of emphasis.