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P3 Impact Award

The P3 Impact Award was created by Concordia, the University of Virginia Darden School Institute for Business in Society, and the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships to recognize and honor leading public-private partnerships (P3s) that improve communities and the world. Inaugurated in 2014, the P3 Impact Award is presented each fall at the Concordia Summit in New York, New York. The award seeks to highlight leading practices and actionable insights in the P3 arena. For this award, a P3 refers to any cross-sector collaboration that features public, private, nonprofit, or non-governmental organizations and addresses societal problems.


Finalists receive:

  • Tickets to attend and participate in a Strategic Dialogue at the Concordia Annual Summit, in front of P3 Impact Award Judges and a live audience of esteemed industry leaders.
  • Promotion of partnership’s excellence in publicity and other media coverage, including social media campaigns and recognition throughout the Concordia Annual Summit.
  • A feature in the Darden School’s Ideas to Action website
  • The opportunity to be featured as partnership thought-leaders via the Boldline Accelerator program. P3 Impact finalists have the opportunity to acting as mentors, speakers, and/or case studies for the Boldline Accelerator program

P3 Impact Award Winner receives:

  • Recognition on the main stage at the Concordia Annual Summit
  • A scholarship to attend a week-long Executive Education course at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • The opportunity to be subject of a case study published by Darden Business Publishing
  • All the same benefits as the other Finalists


All Applicants receive:

  • The opportunity to be considered for eligibility for a the public-private partnership accelerator, Boldline. Boldline supports partnerships that address pressing global challenges and focuses on giving them tools to scale their missions. The main goal of Boldline is to build and deploy strategic connections and collaborations aimed at: a) strengthening the global partnership building ecosystem; b) promoting and facilitating connectivity between the private sector and governments; and c) fostering innovative partnership business models. Boldline seeks to take the often dotted lines (or gaps) between sectors and, by cultivating public-private partnerships, create a bold line between them.
  • If you partnership is considered for the Boldline Accelerator program, the P3 Impact Award Team will contact you after all applications have been reviewed.


The P3 Impact Award team will appoint an independent panel of P3 experts to review and assess applications based on the award criteria. Judges will assess the applications based on the partnership’s operational structure, measurable social impact, innovative approach, financial effectiveness, and scalability. Learn more about last year’s P3 Impact Award Judges here.

Please note that the project should demonstrate some, but not necessarily all of the following characteristics:

  • Strength of the cross-sector partnership
  • Measurable results
  • Economic and/or social benefits
  • Improved service delivery
  • Innovative features
  • Financial effectiveness
  • Scalability/replicability

Partnerships may be contacted to provide additional information and participate in brief interviews, if necessary.


Cross-sector partnerships between the following entities are eligible to apply for the award:

  • Public entity and private entity
  • Public entity and nonprofit entity
  • Private entity and nonprofit entity
  • Public entity, private entity, and nonprofit entity

Any partner can submit the application or a third party can nominate a partnership for the award. However, a representative of each partner entity must sign the application form. If there are any questions regarding award criteria and eligibility, contact the award team: Impact@darden.virginia.edu

Judging Process

  • Judges score each submission based on criteria required on the application form.
    These are then combined to create an overall score for each entry.
  • All judges’ scores are totaled and the highest scoring entries will determine the finalists.
  • A select number of finalists are selected, and promoted in the months leading up to the 2019 Concordia Annual Summit, Sept 22-24, 2019, in New York City.
  • The finalists then present at the Concordia Annual Summit in front of the judges and a live audience. The judges then deliberate and vote again. Their selection is weighted with the previous scores from the application to determine the winner of the P3 Impact Award.
  • The live audience will then vote, via the Concordia Summit App, and the finalist will the most votes will receive the Audience Choice Award.

2017 P3 Impact Award

See the Finalists & Judges

Sanitation Marketing Systems IN Bangladesh

p3 impact award winner

This partnership between the Bangladesh Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Unicef, iDE, and Rangpur Foundry Ltd. (RFL), demonstrates how cross-sectoral partnerships can facilitate scalable, sustainable access to improved sanitation.


Learn more about the winning partnership here

skills to succeed

Audience choice award winner

Upwardly Global has partnered with Accenture since 2011 to help the technically and educationally advanced, but underemployed. refugee and immigrant population find skill-appropriate employment in the United States. This partnership has enabled UpGlo expand its reach from four to more than 40 states, led to approximately 4,400 job seekers using online training, and approximately 2,000 of those job seekers securing employment.

2016 P3 Impact Award


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Project Nurture


Project Nurture is a collaboration between Coca-Cola, TechnoServe, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — trained 54,000 farmers in Africa to enhance their fruit product, helped them create farmer business groups, and connected them with local processors, wholesalers and regional exporters. This partnership enabled Coca-Cola to produce locally-sourced fruit juice in East Africa for the first time, reducing time and costs while more than doubling farmers’ income.

2015 P3 Impact Award

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TV White Space Partnership


TV White Space Partnership is an innovative collaboration between Microsoft, USAID, and the government of the Philippines. The partnership uses an innovative technology to extend Internet access to remote coastal communities to support government efforts to register fisherfolk and sustainably manage the nation’s fisheries.

2014 P3 Impact Award

2014 P3 Impact Award



CocoaLink is an innovative partnership between The Hershey Company, the Ghana Cocoa Board, and the World Cocoa Foundation. CocoaLink connects cocoa farmers to government agriculture experts and the latest information on modern farming techniques through a two-way mobile phone exchange.