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P3 Impact Accelerator



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The P3 Impact Accelerator is designed to advance early-stage partnerships and support their positive social impact mission through mentorship, expert guidance, exposure, and networking. Led by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships, Concordia, and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business’ Institute for Business in Society, the Accelerator engages a select number of P3 Impact Award applicants in a 5-week, digital set of learning modules. 

The P3 Impact Accelerator provides training, targeted mentoring, and the contacts and networks needed to scale for impact. In addition to interactive expert-led presentations, participants will access takeaway materials to inform future partnerships and engage in other participatory activities enabling them to test and apply their new skills. Curriculum is tailored to each P3’s needs based on their collective P3 Impact Award applications and is designed to support scalable cohort growth.  

2021 P3 Impact Accelerator modules included:

Defining & Designing for Sustainable Impact:

Successful partnerships incorporate metrics to support their short and long-term goals, scaling decisions, and funding avenues. This module will help partnerships determine the key metrics to: assess immediate and long-term impact, align partner priorities, and support storytelling or messaging.

Partnerships versus “partnerships”:

Partnerships can take a variety of different forms. What are the pros (and cons) of different structures, and how can small structural shifts lead to big impact in terms of outcomes and collaboration models? This module will discuss different frameworks for structuring early-stage partnerships, and explore when and how to formalize engagements with beneficiaries, funders, and implementing bodies.

Co-Design Tools & Strategies:

Internal objective audits are one example of a useful method for partnerships to better understand their institutional priorities while accommodating for timelines, communication needs, and external stakeholders. This module will teach participants different tools, techniques, and technologies to support their collaborations.

Rapid Redesign & Partnership Innovation:

For partnerships to be effective, they must be designed to withstand systemic challenges. Taking the COVID-19 pandemic as a learning experience, partnerships must have the tools in place to form ad-hoc relationships or establish a loose coalition. This module will work with partnerships to enhance innovation and adaptability, and provide participants with best practices to support the linkage of its actions with local, national, and regional priorities.

Sustainable Financing:

While the sources of funding may vary depending on the partnership, the importance of having a sustainable source does not. Sustainable financing allows partnerships to achieve the maximum amount of positive social impact and serve as an example for others. This module will explore different funding models and the benefits and risks associated with them.

The Accelerator aims to foster collaboration, create tangible results and solutions, and support each other’s work. By the end of the course, graduates walk away with an improved strategy to scale up their partnership!


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