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P3 Impact Accelerator



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The P3 Impact Accelerator is designed to advance early-stage partnerships and support their positive social impact mission through mentorship, expert guidance, exposure, and networking. Led by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships, Concordia, and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business’ Institute for Business in Society, the Accelerator engages a select number of P3 Impact Award applicants in a 5-week, digital set of learning modules. 

The P3 Impact Accelerator provides training, targeted mentoring, and the contacts and networks needed to scale for impact. In addition to interactive expert-led presentations, participants will access takeaway materials to inform future partnerships and engage in other participatory activities enabling them to test and apply their new skills. Curriculum is tailored to each P3’s needs based on their collective P3 Impact Award applications and is designed to support scalable cohort growth.  

2020 P3 Impact Accelerator modules included:

Tell Your Story:

A central narrative to a partnership is essential for communicating its impact to key stakeholders. This learning module laid a foundation for how to “tell your story”, as well as how to design impact metrics that tell a story.

Structure Early-Stage Partnerships:

From day 1, a partnership requires a solid foundation to succeed. This learning module taught participants how to best design adaptable governance and reporting practices, develop effective and resilient financial structures, and identify structural weaknesses before they disrupt mission, ultimately providing best practices and resources.

Secure Internal & External Organizational Support:

Developing a solid partnership value proposition is integral to engaging key partner or stakeholder support. Just as important is ensuring internal buy-in that will sustain operations. This learning module helped participants pre-identify and evaluate internal risks, translate the partnership impact across relevant departments, and conduct an internal objective audit to help coordinate internal and external goal setting.

Manage Relationships:

Enduring and successful partnerships are built on strong interpersonal relationships as well as respect for each partner’s mandate, mission, and operating structure. This learning module shared best practices for managing international relationships, and worked with participants to design and articulate behavior protocols as well as internal milestone setting to support sustained engagement.

Design for Sustainability:

Successful partnerships are often marked by an ability to deliver a return that engenders ongoing support or sustainability. This learning module taught participants how to ‘achieve 10x’ and develop short- and long- term goals that facilitate financial sustainability or independence through shared value and catalytic capital.

The Accelerator aims to foster collaboration, create tangible results and solutions, and support each other’s work. By the end of the course, graduates walk away with an improved strategy to scale up their partnership!

The 2021 P3 Impact Accelerator participants will be  selected from the partnerships that applied to the 2021 P3 Impact Award. 

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