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OCP - OCP Group

2019 Annual Summit Corporate Sponsor

OCP Group

The OCP Group is a major global plant nutrition company headquartered in Morocco, with exclusive rights to develop Morocco’s world-leading reserves of phosphate ore. The company is integrated across the entire phosphate value chain, extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its derivatives, phosphoric acid and fertilizers to customers on five continents. In Morocco, the OCP Group is the largest corporate employer, with close to 21,000 employees. The OCP Group launched its North American subsidiary, OCP Research LLC, in 2016. OCP Research was originally formed as an internal consulting firm to provide the OCP Group with a variety of services related to market analysis, policy research, partnership & relationship development, and project management. This year, OCP Research has expanded its role to include the marketing and distribution of OCP products within North America. Consistent with this expanded role, OCP Research LLC has recently been renamed OCP North America, Inc.