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Choco4Peace - Choco4Peace



Choco4Peace is an innovative business model that supports the construction of peace by generating socioeconomic and environmental impacts in post-conflict regions of Colombia. Choco4Peace is focused on empowering willing farmers to transition from the production of coca to the cultivation of cacao, promoting peace by removing support from the cocaine industry and enabling these farmers to live a life of dignity. This is accomplished through the use of an integrated vertical value-chain in the sector of cacao “fino aroma,” a unique type of cacao found predominantly in Colombia.

Choco4Peace utilizes smart-contract blockchain technology to support an inclusive and decentralized economic ecosystem which connects cacao producers with socially oriented investors and stakeholders. Cacao producers within the system are provided with finance, insurance, technology, certification services, capacity building tools and access to markets for better prices in order mitigate the risk of investment. This ecosystem allows members to interact in a platform which ensures trust, transparency, and traceability while reducing risk, time and cost, made possible through the use of blockchain technology, which records each transaction along the supply chain.