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2019 Annual Summit Corporate Sponsor

Belemaoil Producing Ltd.

A foremost truly indigenous oil and gas company, Belemaoil Producing Ltd (BPL), emanated from the Kula oil and gas producing host community. BPL was registered in 2012 to efficiently explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons in Nigeria’s competitive energy sector where the Oil and Gas industry has been the mainstay of the national economy. BPL’s entrepreneurship path is based on the credible track record of its sister companies in the Oil and Gas industry namely:


  • J+G Global Gas & Oilfield Limited (incorporated in 2000). The company earned a reputation for delivery of fast, high quality and innovative solutions in pipeline installation and maintenance. And is a leading provider of Engineering, Procurement & Installation services, including Testing & Commissioning in Oil & Gas related projects and operations.
  • Belema Gas & Oilfield Limited was incorporated in 2009 mainly to provide flared gas solution to oil companies in Nigeria but has since developed competencies in hydrocarbon metering systems, hydrocarbon production operations, total gas solutions and the provision of heavy marine vessels.
  • UTIS Energy Services Limited (incorporated in 2010) to provide consultancy, and logistics services.
  • Belema Construction Limited. (incorporated in 2010) to provide civil, construction and structural services.