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Concordia is proud to continue its partnership with Americares, a 2021 Annual Summit Lead Programming Partner.

A health-focused relief and development organization, Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster. Each year, Americares reaches 90 countries on average, including the United States, with life-changing health programs, medicine, medical supplies, and emergency aid.

“The pandemic has exacerbated health disparities around the world. To recover from the pandemic in a sustainable and equitable way, we urgently need to bring global actors together to rethink how we design our health systems,” commented Matthew Swift, Concordia’s Co-Founder & CEO. “Americares has been a longstanding partner of Concordia’s, and I’m thrilled that we’ll be collaborating at the upcoming Annual Summit to address how we can advance health equity.”

At the 2021 Annual Summit, Americares will lead a Main Stage session that will bring together diverse voices to frame the current state of health disparities worldwide, explore their causes, and examine solutions to improve health equity. In addition to exploring longstanding causes, this session will also explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts may be addressing or exacerbating these inequities, and what should be done to bridge those gaps.

“Breaking down barriers to health care and making quality health services even more accessible for underserved populations is at the heart of what we do at Americares,” said Americares President & CEO Christine Squires. “Our partnership with Concordia gives us a forum to elevate an important conversation about reducing health disparities and improving health equity both now, amid a pandemic, and in the future.”