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Concordia is known for hosting some of the most critical convenings around the world. As such, we’re acutely aware of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having, especially around the concept of people coming together. While the unprecedented nature of the virus is calling for a temporary increase in physical distance, it doesn’t mean we can’t still come together. Never before has the need to rebuild a global community been greater. That’s why Concordia does what it does.

As we navigate this complex and tumultuous time together, we’re focusing on what we do best: building strong networks, bridging partnerships for social impact, and fostering a community to better the world. While it feels at times like life has been put on hold, at Concordia we’re doing everything we possibly can to strengthen our community and double down on our values: collaboration, partnership, and unity.

Following a review of our 2020 agenda, we have decided to reschedule our fifth Americas Summit, originally taking place on May 18-19 in Bogotá, Colombia. This allows us to shift the entire emphasis of our programming and events to the second half of the year, while ensuring that we don’t lose momentum on important ongoing conversations. We are actively working through the logistics, and will be in touch with our Members, Sponsors, and Partners in the next few weeks with an updated schedule.

The Concordia team, located around the world, is focused and energetic, remaining more committed than ever to our 10th Annual Summit, taking place September 20-22 in New York City, which will be a critical time for the world to come together. Additionally, in the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out innovative ways to remotely build partnerships, while also creating a digital hub for governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect.

We know that these are turbulent times. To our community, we recognize what a trying moment this is for all, and we want to thank you for working with us as we tackle these times together. We remain committed to our mission, and we’re not slowing down. So, now is a critical time to spark new engagements, further existing ones, and explore innovative ideas for the future.

Stay safe and well, and remember that we’re all in this together.