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The second installment of the Huffington Post three-part series entitled, “Public Education and Job Readiness: Why Is There a Disconnect Between Available Jobs and Qualified Employees?” researched and written by Peter Smirniotopoulos, founder and principal of petersgroup consulting and a contributor to The Huffington Post, and Natalie Pregibon, Director of P3 Intelligence at Concordia will be published early next week. In the meantime, 4 million jobs are currently available but remain unfilled. Questions remain from CBO Labor Market Outlook discussion about the current skills gap:

1. How much longer will or should this adjustment period require?

2. Is the educational infrastructure in place to facilitate the processes by which unemployed workers “acquire new skills, shift to faster growing industries and occupations, or relocate to take advantage of new opportunities?

Part one can be found here

skills gap visual - Previewing The Disconnect Between Available Jobs and Qualified EmployeesSource: NoGRE.com