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Elmo may be the ultimate quarantine companion.

Sesame Workshop, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, will be bringing more than 100 hours of preschool content to Latin America and the Caribbean, with programming focusing on protecting physical and mental health. Brand new episodes of Elmo’s World and Cookie’s Grumby Pictures, along with new songs and new original animations, will soon be available through the region’s public television channels and through Whatsapp. 

WHY IT MATTERS: A 2015 study found that Sesame Street can be as educational as preschool. The series serves as an ideal medium through which children can absorb key information about protecting themselves against COVID-19 and about preserving their mental health during quarantine.


c&s wholesale and instacart team up to bring online grocery to 3,000 independents

Instacart is expanding its portfolio of grocery stores. 

With the Instacart app, consumers can order groceries for delivery from major stores, including Aldi, Whole Foods, and Stop & Shop. Instacart recently announced that it was collaborating with C&S Wholesale Grocers to bring the latter’s network of independent grocers onto the Instacart online marketplace. Soon, Instacart customers will be able to obtain goods from their favorite independent store without having to leave their homes. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Independent grocers are often a staple of local neighborhoods. Many such stores are currently struggling to stay afloat. Because of the pandemic, small independents are predicted to lose significant market share to giants such as Walmart and would immensely benefit from a boost driven by Instacart orders.


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Two organizations have placed themselves at the forefront of the fight for a more equitable, inclusive healthcare system. 

ScholarRx, a leading provider of medicine-related digital learning tools, recently announced a partnership with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), an organization committed to supporting underrepresented medical students. The goal of the partnership: to develop a curriculum for medical students centered around health equity, social justice, and diversity. Ultimately, ScholarRx and SNMA hope to increase the number of culturally competent physicians. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Cultural competence among physicians, in addition to being intrinsically valuable, leads to higher patient satisfaction and better care. Equity and diversity issues are insufficiently addressed in standard medical school curricula, making ScholarRx and SNMA’s collaboration all the more essential.