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Campaign Multimedia Project

Concordia launches its first multimedia project for the Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food SupplyRead More

Concordia Americas Summit Report

As an institution, Concordia is highly invested in the security and prosperity of the Americas and has prioritized collaboration across the Western Hemisphere as focal point of our 2017 programming and beyond. To address the most pressing challenges of the region through the lens of partnership, we hosted our first international convening, the Concordia Americas… Read More

Know These Warning Signs Before You Become an Entrepreneur

by Matthew Swift, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of ConcordiaRead More

Colombia and America: A partnership for peace and the eradication of narco-trafficking

By Matthew Swift & Morgan OrtagusRead More

Partnership Practitioners for the Goals: Realizing our Unique Role in Achieving the SDGs

This article was originally published by The Huffington Post here.By Matthew Swift, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Concordia  When the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were unveiled in 2015, they were designed to jumpstart international efforts in economic development, climate responsibility, and global prosperity. Since then, they have become a central focus of social… Read More

Subsistence to Sustainability

How Colombian Peace Transforms Conflict’s HarvestRead More

Delivering Inclusive Business for Sustainable Food Supply

Concordia GPW 2017 partner TechnoServe on smallholder farming and its ability to drive sustainability in our food supplyRead More

How Transparency Can Lead to Peace

Pulling back the curtain, eradicating corruption, and protecting democracy. By Maria Paula Correa, Senior Director of Strategic Engagement, ConcordiaRead More

The Role of Cross-Sector Collaboration in Combating Corruption in Latin America

Eradicating corruption is critical to a sustainable future for Latin America.Read More


Summit to address regional corruption, implementation of Colombian peace deal, and investment in the Sustainable Development GoalsRead More

Urban Technical Extension: Recognizing Needs in Our Own Backyard

Many students attending urban universities can go their entire academic career without getting to know their neighbors, leading to the formation of stigmas and cultural barriers for both parties. Drexel University, located in the designated promise zone of West Philadelphia, strives to reduce university-to-neighborhood boundaries by creating a more integrated experience for students and community… Read More