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The power of coming together cannot be underestimated. 2022 marked a return to in-person convenings for Concordia, and it has been a privilege to witness the immense potential that comes from in-person connection. We’ve gathered hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees from all around the world, representing all walks of life, all areas of interest, and multiple points of voice. All are welcome, all are encouraged to share their voices, and all will be heard; Concordia truly is many voices, one community

Our signature gathering, the Concordia Annual Summit, maintained its position as the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan global affairs forum alongside the UN General Assembly. Over three days in New York City, we heard from dozens of world leaders, NGOs, and businesspeople, catalyzing international cooperation and demonstrating the power we wield when we come together. We’ve also convened in Miami, FL, Lexington, KY, London, Spain, and Portugal for our Americas, United States, and Europe initiatives, and we look forward to furthering our impact next year. We’ll be gathering in Miami on March 9-10 for our 2023 Americas Summit (register here), Madrid on June 15-16 for our 2023 Europe Summit, and New York on September 18-20 for our 2023 Annual Summit. Stay tuned for our complete 2023 summit agenda announcement in the new year, to include our United States and Amazonas Summits. 

Concordia’s unwavering nonpartisan status and convening power give us a critical responsibility to address the biggest issues of our time. We feel this responsibility now more than ever before, at a time when the partisan divide we’re witnessing in the United States—and indeed in so many other parts of the world—threatens to erode the spirit of cooperation and trust in our institutions. At Concordia, we believe the path forward requires rebuilding this trust and creating confidence in the power of community (more to come on the central theme of mis- and disinformation to our programming in the new year).

As the year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to thank you. Whether you’re a current or previous Concordia Member, Partner, or Sponsor, a Concordia Summit speaker, or a follower of our journey through our various communications channels, thank you. You’re playing a part in a bigger collective effort to create a more equitable, sustainable future. 

Our strength as a community is the driving force behind the solutions to our greatest challenges. Whatever the new year brings, we will embrace it or face it together.

Happy Holidays!

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