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Natalie Pregibon, Concordia’s Director of P3 Intelligence, has joined business, government, and nonprofit leaders in Northern Ireland to offer ideas and insight to help rebuild the struggling economy. Pregibon is participating in the State Department’s inaugural Partnership Opportunity Delegation (POD), making stops in Limerick and Belfast. The POD is set to explore the importance of expanding partnerships in the region. The partnerships will focus on the importance of expanding innovation partnerships with high-tech and creative industries, stimulating entrepreneurship, promoting global networks, and creating a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based summer camp.

The belief behind the POD delegation is that collaboration is key to meet the mounting needs of whole regions of people. Concordia was invited because of its expertise in the public-private partnership field and its belief that partnerships will be the most significant catalyst for both the public and private sector to address systemic problems.

Concordia provides key insights for partnership building, relying on its research to offer actionable ideas and highlighting opportunities for growth. Pregibon looks forward to working closely with Special Representative Andrew O’Brien of the State Department’s Global Partnerships office. Pregibon said, “Our time in Northern Ireland serves as an example of opportunities for partnerships to impact not only hard infrastructure needs but also soft infrastructure needs. This is an opportunity to promote partnerships where they are very much needed.”

The POD is being co-hosted and co-led by O’Brien and John Hartnett, President and Founder of the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG).