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Horizon Therapeutics, Patron Programming Sponsor of the 2023 Concordia Annual Summit, has unveiled the five finalists for the prestigious Horizon Prize, powered by MITSolve. This esteemed global award recognizes technology-based solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability and rare disease treatment, shortening diagnostic timelines, decreasing carbon emissions, and allowing research funding to go further for the 10% of people affected by rare disease. The recipient of the Horizon Prize will be granted $150,000 in funding to support their innovative solution. 

Last year at the 2022 Concordia Annual Summit, Horizon Therapeutics, in collaboration with MIT Solve, announced EB Research Partnership as the winner of the 2022 Horizon Prize. EB Research Partnership is dedicated to eradicating Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) by 2030, a devastating genetic disorder that affects approximately 500,000 people worldwide. Concordia is proud to platform the Horizon Prize, amplifying crucial voices in the fight against rare diseases through the synergy of technology and biomedicine. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Horizon Therapeutics and support the Horizon Prize, which celebrates pioneering solutions at the intersection of technology, environmental sustainability, and rare disease treatment. The impressive lineup of finalists exemplifies the power of innovation in healthcare, and we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Concordia Annual Summit where the winner will be revealed,” commented Hanne Dalmut, Senior Director of Partnerships at Concordia. “Through this collaboration, Concordia reaffirms its commitment to amplifying impactful initiatives that make a difference in solving the world’s foremost issues.”  

As Horizon Therapeutics prepares to announce the winner of the Horizon Prize at the 2023 Concordia Annual Summit, we look forward to seeing the immensely impactful work by the world’s leading healthcare professionals highlighted in New York this September. Finalists include ChanjoBox, a portable solar fridge that can be mounted to a motorbike, bicycle, or boat to safely store and transport vaccines, drugs, and blood to remote, off-grid rural communities. Additionally, Vula Mobile, a software application connecting healthcare providers with patients, ensures timely and appropriate treatment information. PT Seaweedtama Biopac Indonesia’s seaweed-based biodegradable syringe and capsule harness the environmentally-conscious potential of seaweed to create bioplastics supporting both our environment and farmers. Furthermore, Predict/Plan introduces the world’s first AI-powered supply chain system that continually predicts demand, optimizes supply, and self-improves to reduce waste in healthcare supply chains. Lastly, MendelScan, a medical device software powered by AI case-finding technology, can detect unsuspected and undiagnosed rare diseases in patients. These groundbreaking innovations exemplify the essential role of partnerships in combating rare diseases, and Concordia is honored to showcase their work.   

”The Horizon Prize is an incredible opportunity to reveal innovative solutions that are being developed by creative thinkers all over the world. These solutions will benefit rare disease patients, their loved ones, and the ecosystem as a whole. Partnering with MITSolve and Concordia to elevate these solutions is essential to ensure that a diverse set of voices and thinkers have a platform to contribute their ideas – ideas that will undoubtedly change lives for the better,” said Holly Copeland, Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Impact, Horizon Therapeutics.