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The progression of society is dependent on the health of its members. However, when 1.5 billion women worldwide have not been tested for four of the most critical diseases in 2020, according to Hologic’s Global Women’s Health Index, there is a threat to the advancement of humankind. Developed in partnership with Gallup Inc., the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index is an annual multi-year study that represents the health of approximately 2.5 billion women and girls and examines critical markers for women’s health by country and territory over time. It represents the most comprehensive deep-dive into the health of women globally and is intended to provide a roadmap for policymakers to improve women’s life expectancy and quality of life at the national level. 

In 2021, Hologic pursued a partnership with Concordia to drive global conversations around the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index and the importance of women’s health with policy makers and leaders. Hologic continues to leverage Concordia’s community to engage key stakeholders, subject-matter experts, and thought leaders around Hologic’s critical work in advancing women’s health. 



In order to elevate women’s health and the findings of the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index within global health conversations, we provided a platform to supplement the launch of Hologic’s Global Women’s Health Index on the Mainstage of the 2021 Concordia Annual Summit in New York City. Hologic’s CEO, Stephen MacMillan, delved into the startling results of the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index’s findings to an in-person and virtual audience made up of executives, government representatives, and nonprofit leaders. Joined on stage by influential female leaders and politicians in Concordia’s community, namely Madame Monica Geingos, Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, and The Washington Post’s Paige Cunningham, MacMillan called on global leaders to prioritize the health of their women, leveraging the data and insights provided. “We cannot improve what we don’t measure,” MacMillan noted, underlining the importance of having rigorous, data-driven benchmarking, insights and frameworks driven by the responses of over 60,000 women and girls in 116 countries and territories, voicing their perspectives in 140 different languages. The Index, found here at [insert link to Web site], also contains individual country reports tracking how nations did along the five key dimensions Hologic and Gallup’s findings discovered, that together explain over 80% of a woman’s longevity from birth, and reflect how even high-income countries have room for improvement in key areas that also yield benefits for entire economies, communities and societies – which demonstrates the foundational nature of women’s health. 

In pursuit of Hologic’s goals for partnership, and following the momentum from the session on the Annual Summit’s Mainstage, Concordia has coordinated and facilitated introductions and private meetings on an ongoing basis between Hologic and global leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers to discuss strategies that countries can implement in order to ensure the health of their women. Connecting these pieces together to tackle women’s health globally ties in directly with Concordia’s mission to create cross-sector partnerships for positive social impact. In addition, this effort pushes forward Hologic’s work and goals to create tangible change at the policy level that prioritizes women’s and girls’ health worldwide. 



Hologic’s Mainstage session at the 2021 Concordia Annual Summit created almost 9,000 impressions across all of Concordia’s social media platforms and reached large media outlets like POLITICO, Yahoo Finance, and Nasdaq. Printed versions of the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index were utilized by in-person attendees to spur conversations and inform post-conference work. 

Going forward, Hologic and Concordia will continue to collaborate, with efforts focused on urging governments and leaders to place women’s health at the top of their agendas. In March, during International Women’s Month, Hologic hosted a Concordia Live on “The Power and Perceptions of Preventive Care in Women’s Health” as part of their Global Patron Membership, which featured Ambassador Brinker, H.E. Toyin Saraki, the founder of Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Dr. Susan Harvey, Vice-President of Worldwide Medica Affairs at Hologic, and PBS NewsHour journalist Ali Rogin, which spotlighted the importance of regular checkups for women of all ages, discussed the perceptions surrounding women’s preventive care measures and other indicators of women’s health including maternal care and conflict, and assessed strategies for elevating women’s health globally.